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All-City Workshop Series:
Engaging the Next Generation of Hip Hop ARTivists

"It’s about getting a tag on each line, each division.  It’s called going ‘all-city.’  People see your tags in Queens, Uptown, Downtown, all over…It’s a matter of bombing, knowing that I can do it…"

Graffiti Writer Skeme from Style Wars

Today young people the world over turn to Hip Hop culture to speak to their own unique backgrounds, experiences and aspirations.  All-City is an artistic workshop series dedicated to bringing together young people (ages 18-24) from throughout the five boroughs of New York City and beyond to explore and express the unique experiences of urban youth, the critical challenges they face and the solutions necessary to enact change in their communities. 

During the post-industrial decline of the South and West Bronx, Hip Hop’s young pioneers used the Elements (MCing, DJing, beatboxing, breakdancing, and graffiti art) to counteract gang violence and drug use and build positive life-affirming community. Similarly, the young people participating in All-City commit to using their voices to raise awareness about issues in their community and to advocate for change not only in their own lives, but in the world-at large.

Here are the 6 Pillars the guide membership for our All-City program:

1. Rock the Cipher

2. Rep the Code

3. Walk Your Path

4. Carry a Passport

5. Shine the Light

6. Share the Love

What do they mean?


March 20th, 2012 The Hip Hop Re:Education Project celebrated the release of All-City, Vol. 1, a youth music compilation album dedicated to bringing together young people from throughout the five boroughs of New York City!

Culminating a 3-month long writing/recording workshop series, All-City, Vol. 1 features 25 songs/poems from over 15 New York City youth, as well as collaborative pieces with young people from Austin, Berlin, Lyon and Prague.

This project was sponsored by CultureHub, La Mama E.T.C & the Coca-Cola Foundation

Check out some photos from the All-City, Vol. 1 CD Release Party!

Pick up All-City, Vol. 1 today! Featuring young people from throughout NYC and beyond!!!